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E-Chips Solution Co.,LTD As an electronic manufacturing partner , one of our most valuable and critical roles is complete BOM fulfillment !
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Quality Control

Visual inspection

Use of stereoscopic microscope, the appearance of components for 360 ° all-round observation. The focus of observation status include product packaging; chip type, date, batch; printing and packaging state; pin arrangement, coplanar with the plating of the case and so on.

Visual inspection can quickly understand the requirement to meet the external requirements of the original brand manufacturers, anti-static and moisture standards, and whether used or refurbished.

Acetone erase check

Private key of the device surface for printing text and icons reagent acetone wipe and re-marking inferior ink can easily be erased.

X-ray inspection

X-ray inspection, the traversal of the components within the 360 ° all-round observation, to determine the internal structure of components under test and package connection status, you can see a large number of samples under test are the same, or a mixture (Mixed-Up ) the problems arise; in addition they have with the specifications (Datasheet) each other than to understand the correctness of the sample under test. Connection status of the test package, to learn about the chip and package connectivity between pins is normal, to exclude the key and open-wire short-circuited.

Inspection openings

This is a destructive test, by way of chemical treatment, open surface of the chip packaging material, by electron microscopy the structure and components within the chip layout and chip status within the logo. Internal information will be obtained and then compared with the appearance of the test information to determine the authenticity of the sample of virtue or vice. Is to determine the most effective way to fake one.

DC characterization

Based on Ohm's Law to determine the steady-state electrical parameters of the device testing methods, the DC test usually includes:

Short circuit - open (OPEN / SHORT): This test ensures that the normal test interfaces and devices to connect, contact the test by measuring the input and output pin protection diodes on the voltage drop to determine the natural connectivity. If applied on a suitable diode forward bias current, the voltage drop across the diode is about 0.7V,

Leakage parameters (INPUT LEAKAGE): under ideal conditions, can be considered input and three-state output pin to ground is open, but the actual situation, among them a high resistance state, the maximum current between them is called leakage current. Or separately as input tri-state output leakage current and leakage current, leakage current is generally due to the internal device and the insulation between the input pins oxide thin film in the production process caused by the formation of a similar case of short circuit, resulting in current through.

Output drive current (VOL, VOH, IOL, IOH). Output drive current test ensures that the device can maintain a certain predetermined load current output level, VOL and VOH specifications used to ensure that the device allows the device noise conditions can drive the input pins of multiple devices the ability to

Programming Test

A professional recording equipment, storage or some other chip mcu burn test. Burn in testing analog IC code verification, burn, clashes, blank check, verification, encryption, decryption and other programming chip working condition. To detect whether the chip has these features. To distinguish whether the use of standard chips.

Critical function test

The key function test (KFT), is a dynamic test method, also known as the main function of the overall function test or inspection. Refers to the specific working conditions (ie normal use the device environment, usually at room temperature), without considering the limits of the device parameters (such as maximum / minimum parameter) for normal operation of the state, for the necessary test logic or signal status. This test is based on original specifications, application notes, or client application site, as well as industry standards or specifications, design feasibility test vectors or special test circuit, the test sample to impose appropriate and effective incentives (signal) input through the external circuit adjustment control, such as signal amplification, or convert match the specific conditions, analysis of the output signal of the logic of relations and the changing state of the waveform, detection device features.

This is a relatively quick and low-cost test methods to meet the device requirements of conventional application circuit.

Full-function test

All functions and parameters tested, referred to as full-function test, according to the original specifications, application notes, or client application site, the full functionality of the devices tested, including DC parameters of the test, but does not include AC parameter feature analysis and verification part of the non-bulk test the limits of parameters.

“ Quality first , Customer foremost ”

Relying on perfect quality control system and advanced manufacturing technique , passed the certification of ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001 .

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E-Chips Solution Co.,LTD

Contact Person: MissAntonia Leung

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